Spiegel Team Week: We Are Spiegel

During the last week of June, we hosted our 2nd Spiegel Team Week event. For a small firm, this event is monumental on every level. Our internal team spent months designing, planning and collaborating to create this team-building experience that allows us to come together in person, forge and fortify relationships, and realize our impact and opportunities within Spiegel. From networking and activities to presentations and deep dive discussions, we enjoyed five days of excitement and learning.


This year’s theme of “We are Spiegel to the Core” celebrated our core values of passion, collaboration, and leadership. These characteristics and skills are considered essential to the individual and collective success of our team, and are intrinsically woven into our firm culture. All of our presentations highlighted these values and put a spotlight on the incredible talent and leadership we have at Spiegel. Our roundtable discussions showcased the passion our team has for not only our firm, but their professional growth and path as well.


According to Principal Henry Chavez, “We had a tall task to match the energy and ‘magic’ of last year’s Team Week event. However, our passion shows itself time and again, and made this year’s Team Week more eventful than the before. Specifically, I was elated by the level of dedication and thought the members of our team put into their respective presentations. They inspired us with their leadership by taking full ownership of their topics and delivering insightful presentations. Equally inspiring to me was that through these presentations, I saw the future leaders of our firm. Why, you might ask? It’s because I could tell they were starting to become the custodians and guardians of the values this firm holds most dear.”


Being part of Spiegel has an incredible significance. It is measurable by those who have been on our team for many years, as well as newer team members, eager to make Spiegel their home. We endeavor to be a firm that listens to its people, and continually preserves the integrity of our core values and culture. Our message on what it means to “Be Spiegel” continues to be palpable as we enthusiastically focus on our future and growing stronger together.


Author, Dyan Cole

Director of Operations

Spiegel Accountancy





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