Spiegel Prepares for the Future

Jeff Spiegel founded Spiegel Accountancy Corp. in 1991, based on a need he saw in the industry. A natural entrepreneur, Spiegel envisioned a business that would reflect principles of integrity in service, responsive communication with clients, and commitment to its employees. Spiegel operated as a sole practitioner until the end of 2018, when he promoted Henry Chavez to Principal. “As we continue to evolve and grow as a firm, every step we take is to build a better ‘house’–one that is equipped to provide our clients with knowledge and service at the highest level,” commented Chavez. There is a growing sense of excitement as we set our sights on Spiegel’s future and transition from a first generation to a second-generation organization.


Spiegel revamped its leadership infrastructure in July 2022 when it created a team of five Directors. This additional layer of leadership delivers essential support to the two Partners by providing discerning ideas and resources to drive the strategic direction, expansion, and success of our firm. This team holds the vision for Spiegel, as it safeguards our internal core values of collaboration, passion, and leadership; acts as stewards of our firm culture; and ensures our firm meets its obligations to clients, referral partners, and employees.


One central initiative is to provide our clients with exceptional, unparalleled service in terms of technical guidance and client relations experience. Set to launch in 2023, we developed a client feedback program to make sure we are consistently meeting our client’s needs, as well as continue to improve and expand upon their experience with our firm. “Client service, like marriage, has its high and low moments. But, through it all, we are committed to giving you the best of us, and growing with you,” said Chavez.


Rebuilding our personalized and responsive approach with our clients in the face of geographical distance and a growing remote work environment presents challenges both internally with our team and externally with our clients. Spiegel’s founder remarked, “As our firm evolves in the new world of remote employees, we continue to establish new processes to allow for us to keep providing timely, quality service to our clients.” We are resolute in our conviction to place human connection at the forefront of our efforts, as it is essential to the mutual success of our clients and firm.


Like many companies, our organization’s leaders have had to navigate the pervasive struggle with staffing attrition. However, there is a reason people join and stay with Spiegel. We listen to our employees and invite them to share their individual career experiences, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit within our organization. We learned through a personal assessment tool provided to our employees that 90% of our workforce are entrepreneurial-minded leaders. In response to this incredible revelation, we began creating an internal leadership development program to fortify the tenure and growth of both staff and firm.


We have worked tirelessly over the years to provide an environment where team members share their ideas and propel the firm forward, and their appreciation reflects through their loyalty. Spiegel celebrated multiple milestone-employee work anniversaries in 2022, and we take pride in that 25% of our workforce consists of long-term employees. Our founder added, “The continued growth and success of Spiegel has allowed us to make a strong commitment to employees and their leadership development to groom a future team of leaders to start the move to the second generation of the firm.”


It’s an exciting time to be part of the Spiegel team, as we build upon the ground-laying success of our founder and create an exceptional firm to last for generations.



Author, Dyan Cole

Director of Operations

Spiegel Accountancy





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