New Spiegel Website

Spiegel Accountancy recently launched a new website with a freshly branded look, simple and intuitive navigation, plus an enhanced level of security. The new website URL: is a restricted domain, specific to licensed CPA firms and individuals. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) introduced the .cpa domain exclusively to its membership last fall. Spiegel saw the substantial value of this new platform and registered its preferred domain when the initial application process began.


Security Benefits


According to the AICPA, firms receive added levels of security by using an industry-specific, restricted .cpa domain.


1. It eliminates “cyber-squatters” from buying up the most valuable names, since a valid CPA license is required to obtain this specific .cpa domain; thus, eliminating copycat domains.


2. The registry monitors for malware and “phishing” attempts to prevent hackers from cloning fake domain names that can be used to “phish” a firm’s client base.


3. Security in knowing the .cpa is restricted to those licensed within the accounting profession.


Added Value


The designation increases brand recognition for CPA firms, such as Spiegel Accountancy, as the restricted URL clearly identifies its association within the accounting industry. Jeff Spiegel, Managing Principal, said, “This shorter, more relevant URL clearly identifies Spiegel as a trusted source for professional services and should make it easier for clients to find us online.”


This move effectively increases Spiegel’s commitment to offering exceptional service to mortgage lenders and private equity funds, small-to-medium sized businesses, and its individual clients. The domain also aligns with our vision to strengthen our stronghold and leadership position within these industries.


About the Transition


The Spiegel team is excited about the transition from to and know it will be a smooth one, as both will guide you to the current website.


In the coming months, the Spiegel email addresses will migrate to the .cpa domain. However, both the new and former email designations will run parallel; so, not to worry. Any emails sent will reach the Spiegel team.


If you have questions or want to learn more about the new .cpa designation, please send us an email or visit:


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