Educational Webinars

Spiegel Webinar Library

Spiegel Accountancy is committed to providing current and relevant industry information. We comprised a video catalog consisting of webinars created by Spiegel, those including Spiegel team members, as well as educational series created by our affiliate partners.    

Our video library offers the latest insight into private lending, real estate investing, tax regulations, accounting, audit, estate planning, and risk management trends, along with pertinent legislative and IRS updates. 

American Association of Private Lenders

AAPL is the oldest and largest national organization representing the private real estate and peer-to-peer lending industry. Formed in 2009 at the height of the recession, its founders identified the necessity of standardizing best practices to safeguard the private lending profession. Video archives are restricted to AAPL members. Learn more about AAPL membership here.

Geraci Law • Media • Conferences

Geraci is the nation’s largest law firm dedicated solely to the private lending industry, comprised of experienced legal professionals who offer clients a wealth of experience across a broad range of services. Geraci is dedicated to providing constant communication, commitment, and caring, which sets them apart. Geraci LLP is dedicated to keeping its clients and friends apprised of the latest legislation relevant to the non-conventional lending industry.

Lender Lounge with Kevin Kim

Lender Lounge with Kevin Kim is a podcast that gives an exclusive look beyond the title of private lending industry leaders. Kevin Kim, Esq. is a partner at Geraci LLP, an organization that has been serving private lenders for over 10 years. An experienced lending lawyer and engaging speaker, Kevin digs deep with his guests to discover what makes a successful company and leader in this industry. Learn their company stories, wisdom, and what makes these leaders tick through captivating interviews and engaging banter.